Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Typical areas covered

  • All debt collection activities
  • Representation of creditors within bankruptcy and restructuring procedures
  • Restructuring of financially troubled companies

Recent Representative Experience

  • Advising client, a Slovak bank, on recovery of the client’s claims against Doprastav (a leading Slovak construction company) within the restructuring proceedings, including filing claims, representing the client at the creditor’s meetings and monitoring of debtor‘s compliance with the approved restructuring plan.
  • Representing client, a member of the world’s leading car producer, with respect to enforcement and protection of its claims in various restructuring proceedings, including filing claims and representing the client at the creditor’s meetings or creditor’s committees and monitoring of the progress of the restructuring proceedings and fulfilment of approved restructuring plan.
  • Acting for the bankruptcy trustee in the bankruptcy of the debtor NADLAN, a real estate development company belonging to Vara group, with historically the highest equity value in Slovakia.